Welcome to my site – My name is Craig Sullivan and I am The Property Apprentice!

@Property_Apprentice if you’re on Social Media.

I’m a hands-on Property Developer based in Medway (North Kent) where I’ve gone all-in on Student HMO’s and built a multi-million-pound property portfolio with a healthy six-figure income stream. On the side of that, I’ve built the largest Student HMO Lettings and Management Agency in Medway which not only manages my personal properties but local landlord’s stock too – we now have over 60 HMO’s and over 250 Tenants.

Property started off as means of making a little bit of money on the side and not having to stay in crap accommodation while studying at University, however this quickly snowballed into an opportunity to create a lucrative property business, achieving financial freedom and life changing wealth.

I now help empower people to get into property and teach them everything I know to fulfil their financial/wealth goals not matter your experience or budget. Whether that be via one of my “BIG UP THE GRAFTERS” videos on Instagram or whether you Joint Venture with me on a HMO project (and everything else in between).

If you’re in need of help in property, want better returns on your money or just want to say “Hi” – please just reach out and let me know.


You want to buy your first HMO or build a HMO business, but you feel overwhelmed about what next steps to take.

You struggle to establish a clear strategy or what goals to set.

You’ve seen a gap in the market but need to find, fund and design a HMO product that ‘leads the way’ and scale it.

You need to streamline your current HMO operation by implementing systems, but you don’t know which ones, or how to do it.

You have seen other people achieving financial freedom, but you don’t have the confidence or skill to do it yourself.

You lack direction and accountability.

If any of the above points resonate with you, then book a FREE CALL with me and let’s discuss further.









I’ve dabbled across all property strategies from Flips, Buy-To-Lets and Professional HMO’s and I’ve always been drawn back to the Student HMO market. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a walk in the park and other strategies have their advantages too, but when done right, it’s the ‘sweet spot’ of investing when you consider your Time, Return on Investment and Long-term security.

If you’re wanting to get ‘stuck-in’ or for a ‘hands-free’ option, i’m always looking for investors to work with for a great return on your savings/pension/inheritance. All investors are mentored and can be as ‘hands on’ (or off) as they wish, through the entire stages of the project.
Not only do you learn but you earn too, with full access to me, my resources and network.

Sound of interest to you? Then book a FREE CALL with me and find out how.