You’ll quickly come to realise that property investment is a ‘long-game’ and when done right it will provide you with freedom and generational wealth, but when done wrong…can leave you wishing you never got involved and very sour taste in your mouth.

Below are the services I provide which I’ve used first hand in building my property HMO business. Find out how I’ve scaled my HMO business by purchasing one of the below mentoring packs which can suit any stage of your journey. These intense one day events to yearly mentorship packages will give you all the tools and guidance needed to achieve your business goals. 

If you’re beginning your property journey my “Deal Stacker” spreadsheet is a must. A fully automated Spreadsheet which crunches the numbers and produces the profitability of your HMO deal. Just pump in the variables such as Purchase Price, Rent, Bills etc. and it does the rest. No monthly fees, no complicated code, it even works out your Stamp Duty automatically too!